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Moral Story-Birbal's punishment and ingenuity

Once Akbar and Birbal were sitting in their palace. When their chats are in good Mood, one suggests to Akbar and Akbar speaks to Birbal "Judicial justice should be strict and no wrongdoer should be punished."

Birbal says to the king, "Emperor, what you say is very true. No innocent person should be punished." Akbar says to Birbal, "Birbal, when you make a mistake, you forgive me for being wrong, because you are my close, but if you make a mistake now, I will punish you as I have punished you."

Birbal speaks to Akbar "Emperor as you wish"

Akbar further says, "Birbal, I have selected some special people to punish you for you. If you do something wrong, those people will punish you."

Birbal says to Akbar, "The emperor is right, but the person you have chosen as the arbiter will be your favorite, and then how can the people of your choice do me justice?"

In reply to Birbal, Akbar said, "Okay, you appoint the arbitrator, only when you choose him, get the consent of whoever he is."

The matter is settled between Birbal and Akbar, the next day there is a mistake from Birbal. Akbar says to Birbal, "Birbal, now you have made a mistake and you must be punished. Now, as you have decided yesterday to be punished, whoever you have chosen as a referee, tell them to come here to the palace."

Birbal speaks to Akbar, "The refree I have chosen as the emperor is yours. There are five artisans in your capital who repair and make slippers. Call those five artisans and tell the artisans what the penalty is for my crime."

According to Birbal, Akbar calls the five artisans but Akbar wonders why Birbal chose such poor artisans to punish him.

All the ministers in the royal palace are looking at this incident in amazement because for the first time Birbal will be punished by someone other than the king.

In the end, after a thorough investigation into the crime committed by Birbal, Akbar asks the artisans to punish Birbal, just as the five artisans think, what punishment should be imposed on Birbal?

One of the artisans thinks that Birbal never makes slippers from me so we should tell him a big fine now.So the craftsman thought and the craftsman says to King Akbar, "King, Birbal should be fined fifty rupees." This amount was not large for Birbal but the other artisan at that time thought the amount was too big and he said to the king "King fifty rupees is too big so Birbal should be fined twenty five rupees instead of fifty rupees"

Hearing the fine of Rs. 25, the third worker thinks that Rs. 25 is too much. He says to the king, "King, the amount of Rs. 25 is too much. For that, Birbala should be fined Rs. 10 instead of Rs. 25." Ten rupees is a very large amount for a fourth artisan after hearing a fine of ten rupees. He again says to the king, "King, the amount of ten rupees is very large, so I request Birbal to pay a fine of 5 rupees instead of 10 rupees."

In the end, Birbal was fined five rupees. King Akbar now understands well why Birbal chose poor artisans as a judge.

King Akbar Birbal was very happy about this wise choice.

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