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Ghost Castle-Terrible Aghori and cursed house, Part-3

Ghost Castle-Terrible Aghori and cursed house, Part-3

In fact, it was not Mahesh's suicide but his heart attack, Mahesh was disturbed by the memory of Sundara and he was always remembering Sundara, Sundara knew Tantra and Mantra so Mahesh came to the castle at night because of the memory, Mahesh was happy to hear Sundara's voice but when Mahesh saw her face he His face was very burnt, Mahesh had a heart attack after seeing that face, the villagers thought Mahesh had committed suicide.

Sundara was very sad to see Mahesh dead and she was cursing the villagers in anger and she said that when there was nothing wrong with me, did the villagers burn me while my good life was going on? She did not understand the answer to this question, but now that time had passed, her dream had turned to ashes. She was about to take revenge on the villagers.

If it was time to come from the beach of the village, people would have been frightened by the sound that was coming in front of the castle.

It was now inevitable that people would die at night on their way home from the beach.Five people from that village also died in seven days, The villagers misunderstood that we are now in a very dire situation.

The villagers had called three magicians from the city to pave the way for this terrible test and That magician was now going to see the next work.

It was the night of the new moon, The three magicians were deliberately late coming to the village from the beach, It was twelve o'clock at night. Three magicians were coming in front of the castle and Suddenly they began to hear noises coming from the castles,

Sundara was crying from the castle. The three magicians went and stood in front of the castle. The door of the castle was open. They entered through the open door.

Let's go into the castle and see what a woman was sitting in the corner crying, The three approach her and as she approaches her cries suddenly but quietly and she screams terribly.All three are frightened for a moment by the sound of Sundara's screams.But next time, turn on the mantra,Hearing the sound of the mantra, Sundara thinks that she is not a simple person, she is a magician because she was also a magician.

Sundara did not move before the strength of the three, Sundara became helpless and the Gangajal brought by the three magicians sprinkled on Sundara, Sundara's body was burning again due to Gangajal falling on her body, she started apologizing but the three witches locked her permanently in the upper room And closed the room with full mantra technique, tying lemon peppers all around the castle.

The villagers were relieved to hear of Sundara's defeat and her imprisonment, and they paid a lot of money to the witches and felicitated them.

And now it was Suresh who opened the upstairs room and automatically destroyed all the Tantra-Mantras.When Sundara was released, she had killed a magician.

One of the three magicians had come to the village at the behest of a villager because the villagers had some personal work to do but the magician did not think that such a thing would ever happen at night. The villagers did not think that Suresh's aunt called the villagers He had to go to the castle and was killed there.

Suresh was very sad to hear all the facts told to him by his aunt but now a magician was dead.The magician was crushed to death in a very brutal manner.

The villagers were frightened again and now they did not know what to do. One of the magician had died. He called the next day and told the magicians what had happened.

The next day the two appeared in the magician village, That day was the night of the new moon and the magician had made all the preparations because the death of a magician had increased the strength of Sundara and they could not guess her strength.

Night fell and the magicians went to the castle. When they went to the castle, they felt very calm in the castle.At that moment, a terrible scream was heard, Sundara was standing in front of both the magician.

Sundara says to him, "Did you come to kill?

Listening to Sundara's words, a magician says, "We are not going to die, we have come to take care of you."

Sundara starts laughing out loud when she hears the magician talking and says oh, last time you took care of me but now look how much my strength has increased.And indeed, Sundara's strength had increased because she had killed a magician.

Both continue to chant mantras and Sundara screams when she hears that mantra and her scream is so loud that it makes both magicians feel as if their ears are broken.

Yet they both continued chanting mantras, Sundara blows hard on them and due to Sundara's blow, both the magicians fly up and fall aside.

Both magician are beaten but still they do not stop chanting their mantras.

Both magician would now see two sundra in front of them. Now they see two magicians in front of them, both magician themselves.

Their own faces are telling them, let's get out of here, don't stop here. Now the magician also started laughing out loud.

Now they both start crying and hearing their cries, both the magicians in front of them get confused. Automatically both magicians disappear.

Suddenly it began to rain heavily,There is water everywhere in the castle and the water is so much that water would have reached the neck of both the magician.Both magicians were now drowning,Now the water disappears and the rain also disappears.

Seeing that their mantra does not make any difference to Sundara, both the magicians think something, Sundara laughs out loud and when they hear her laugh, they both magically think that her voice is coming in two forms, a man's voice and a woman's voice.

Now they realize that not only Sundar but also Sundar's father is involved in her,And that would have increased Sundara's strength now to those two magicians Sundara and her father also have to be taken care of.

They now carry Ganga water in their hands from the bottles they brought with them And they throw water in the direction of Sundara.But that water doesn't reach Sundara because Sundara has built a glass wall to reach Sundara.

Sundara starts laughing out loud again, Now Sundara is growing up and her horrible figure occupies the whole house.Both magician begin to choke.

Both the magicians think that we are going to die now but as we are dying one of the magicians tells Sundara that Sundara is the dust of your life made by your father.

Listening to that witch speak, Sundara calms down and falls into her former body.

What did Sundara say to that magician?

The magician tells her all the facts that happened, The villagers think that you have killed the villagers because of your father's mistake, so the villagers burn you.

Sundara understands why the villagers killed her, Sundara asks her father why you did this, why you broke my good world?

Sundara's father comes out of Sundara's body and tells Sundara that I did all this just for your pleasure.

Mahesh's father was not ready for your marriage so I had an accident with Mahesh's parents and after that when the villagers said that only I couldn't stand the villagers saying that Mahesh's father and mother had died because of Sundara. Then I started beating the villagers with mantra tantra.

The villagers thought it was your murder but I did not think the villagers would burn you.I was angry when I saw you burnt and I went to the village and cursed the villagers, But the villagers killed me and buried me in a place near the village.

have killed all those who killed you and me. After hearing all this, Sundara did not understand what to do and what not.

On the one hand, she was in love with her father, and on the other hand, she saw the dust of her world due to her father's mistake. But now that it was all over, she realized that nothing could happen.

Sundara calls her father "You have no right to stay here anymore, you have killed all those who killed you, so let's leave this house now and never come here again "

Even Sundar's father likes to talk about Sundara, Sundara tells the magician to tell the villagers now that you will not be bothered from now on.So much so that Sundara and her father disappeared from there.

Peace returned to the castle.

Both magicians come to the village from the castles and Tell the villagers all the facts that have happened.

The villagers are happy to hear this but they are saddened that one of our mistakes has taken away the life of Sundara.

All the villagers decide that we should worship her by installing an idol of Sundara.The idol of Sundara is made as planned and the villagers install her spirits in their villages.

It was every year after that but there were no untoward incidents in the villages, Everyone thinks that Sundara is protecting his village.

Suresh and his friend are visiting their aunt's house during summer vacations without fail. 

The End...

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