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Ghost Castle- Terrible Aghori and cursed house

Suresh and his friend had gone on a summer trip to Suresh's aunt who was living in Konkan.He had planned to spend his summer vacation in Konkan two months in advance. According to that plan, he was going to stay in Konkan for a month now.

Cousin's son Deepak was happy to see Suresh and his friend because he had no one to play with.Suresh and his friend were very happy and pleased to see the coconut trees on the beach as they came from Konkan.

Every day, the three of them would go to the beach and relax on the beach, and play there all day. In the evening, they would come home.

Every evening when he came home, he would find a castle on the road. Every time, Suresh would ask Deepak who owns the castle and it is always closed, but after listening to his questions, Deepak would tell him not to say 'shut up' and get out of here quickly.

When Deepak said that he did not answer his question, he asked his aunt in the evening, "Aunty, whose palace is that and why is it closed forever?"

Aunty said, "Oh baby, the castle belongs to a rich man and the rich man lives in Mumbai, so the castle is closed forever.

Suresh calmed down when he heard his aunt talking, but every time Deepak went to the castle, it was difficult to tell him to leave early.

One day in the summer days it rained in Konkan and after it rained The road leading to my aunt's house on the beach was slippery.Suresh, his friend and Deepak had gone to play on the beach in the morning but it was very sunny at that time but due to sudden rain in the afternoon, the three of them had slipped away so they went home with wet clothes.

On the way home, Deepak loses his balance and falls on a slippery road and if he falls, he sees that he is lying in front of the castle.Deepak is really scared to see him lying in front of the castle.

He calls Suresh and his friend to pick me up from here and let's go home soon.Seeing Deepak's fear, Suresh must have had some doubts and he wanted to visit this castle at least once.

As scheduled, Suresh gets up early the next morning, takes a bath and stands in front of the castle, and as soon as he touches the door, he hears a noise from behind.

Who are you and what are you doing here? Why are you knocking on the door of the castle? An old lady was asking these questions to Suresh from behind.

Suresh's voice was really frightening but when he saw his old grandmother he said that I have come here as a guest.After mentioning her aunt's name, she tells him to go home and not to stop here.

Suresh leaves from there and comes to his aunt, when he arrives, his aunt asks him, where did Suresh go this morning?

Before answering his aunt, a voice came from behind that he was near the castle and was trying to open the door of the castle.

old grandmother used to come to my aunt's house and tell my story to my aunt.Upon hearing this, aunt became serious and told Suresh not to go there again.

Suresh sat quietly but he always had in mind that when he went to the castle, there were lemons and chillies hanging from the windows of the castle.Suresh was curious as to what exactly he was bringing to the castle and why the castle was always closed.

Suresh asks his friend if we want to go to the castle tonight and see what the castle looks like from inside.Suresh and his friend are planning for the night. Today we are going to go and see exactly what is in the castle.

As planned, they stay up all night and open the door and go out.

As I was leaving the house at night, I could hear the chirping of nightingales and the sound of trees and water.

They were both sweating as they approached the castle.

Suresh goes to the door of the castle and pushes hard to grow,

The door opens but the rope of lemon and chilli tied to the top of the door also falls down.Both will enter the castle after entering the castle Both are amazed at the structure of the castle.They both start walking in the castle. While walking in the castle, they realized that the castle is as clean as it looks.

Like every day someone comes into the castle and sweeps the castle.After seeing all the rooms downstairs they go up the stairs.As it is a wooden staircase, the sound of wood becomes louder.After going upstairs and seeing all the rooms, they see that the door of one room is closed,They both wonder why the door to the room is closed and they try to open it by pushing the door hard.He doesn't even open the door when the two of them push.Both of them get tired and try to get out of there. If they look a little further, the door opens automatically.

They are happy to see the door open and they think that the door has been opened a little late because you pushed hard.

They both enter the room and when they enter, they see that it is a bedroom and that the bedroom is all in that place.Like someone would come to that bedroom every day and sleep.The two are amazed to see the neatly decorated room.

Satisfaction is on the faces of the two of them as soon as they see the castle and they leave the room,As they come out of the room, they hear a noise coming from below.They are both amazed that the sound comes from under the chucky house.

They think that someone must have been stealing into the castle every night.The sound suddenly subsides as he descends the stairs.Shortly after descending the steps, the sound started again. Someone was muttering a mantra.

They both try to get to the room where the noise comes from,The sound of the mantra bursting louder as you walk towards the room.The door to the room is closed but the window is open. They both go to the window and try to peek inside.

A woman is muttering something mantra facing the wall but they can only see the back of the woman so they do not understand who are the women and why is the mantra muttering? Before long, no one was in that room.

While looking out of the window, the woman's voice suddenly becomes quiet and she remains silent for a while.Suresh and his friend are watching quietly.Suddenly she looks back but when she looks back her back does not move back but only her head turns backwards.

Suresh and his friend are scared when they see it because it is not a head but a skull.

They try to see from there but their legs are not pushed forward but it looks like someone has tied their legs.She gets up with her head down and comes to the door.Both start chanting God in their minds.

The chanting of God transmits strength to both the feet and they try to run away from there but when they fall they both fall on the balcony which is in the middle of the castle.

After falling, they hear a laughing sound from behind and a sound. Hey, where are you going and why are you walking so fast?  You opened the door of this castle after many years and the rope of lemon and chilli on the door of that castle falls down.

I was held captive by the people of this village but I thank you for releasing me but thank you once again I now want to sacrifice only two people and after that sacrifice I will be alive again.

Suresh and his friends are very scared to hear her talk.They try to shout but no sound comes out of their mouths.She comes and stands next to him and now Suresh and her friend are actually looking at her face to face, they are very scared when they see her.

Only the skull and the hairs on the skull are hanging up to the feet, the hands are rotten and the flesh is falling from the hands.Suresh and his friend start crying and beg for help.

Seeing their begging, the woman smiles very slyly.Seeing the smirk and the meat falling down made both of them vomit.

Well you came here and coincidentally today is the night of the new moon and you set me free tonight.

In fact, I needed two victims to survive, but before they fell, the villagers grabbed me by the witch and tied me up, and tied me to the windows and doors of this house with a lemon and chili rope. The mantra was tied by technique but the two of you pushed the door of that room hard and freed me completely. Listening to her, Suresh thought that you have done a great foolish thing.

You should not have come to this castle.But now it would be useless to think about it because in reality death was in front of us.

She grabs Suresh and his friend by the head and lifts them up and laughs out loud. Now Suresh and his friend would have known that his life would be lost, but only then The sound of mantras starts again from behind The woman now looks back without moving her body, only moving her head, now the situation is that her front body is in front of us and her back is with us. But the hands are still holding on to our heads. If anyone had seen that picture, anyone would have fainted.

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