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Ghost Castle- Terrible Aghori and cursed house, Part-2

Ghost Castle- Terrible Aghori and cursed house, Part-2

Outside a mantric stood near the door,Seeing that Mantrik, Suresh and his friend saw the hope that we could stay alive.Mantrik was chanting,Suresh's aunt, Deepak and some villagers were standing behind the mantriks.

When Deepak was awake at night, he saw that both Suresh and his friend were not around and he suspected that both of them would have gone to that house and he immediately went to his mother and told the mother all the facts. Suresh's aunt is very nervous to hear this, she immediately calls the villagers and calls them and Auntie begs to help, the villagers immediately call the nearby Mantrik and come to that Wada.

Seeing them all, Suresh and his friend are very good and now they can feel like saving life.

The magician removes the ashes from his fist and casts a spell on the woman, The ashes appear to be approaching us, the woman loses the heads of Suresh and his friend in both hands and she tries to move away from the ashes. Seeing all this, he magically tells Suresh and his friend to get out of this house soon. Hearing the magician's voice, Suresh and his friend try to run outside but their legs do not move. The magician understands everything, he yells at the woman, "Leave these kids alone, you have nothing real."

Hearing the magician's voice, the woman gets scared and frees Suresh and his friend from her control, now Suresh and his friend come out of the castle quickly. The magician is now inside the castle, the rest of the aunts, Deepak and all the villagers are outside the castle.

The door of the castle closes as soon as the magician enters, now the magician and the woman are in the castle. Everyone is shocked to see that the door of the palace is closed, now everyone is overwhelmed by the thought of what will happen in the middle.

As the door closes, the woman's demonic laughter becomes louder. Everyone is scared to hear her voice. Inside, the magician and the woman are face to face. The magician mutters his mantra again and tries to throw the ashes on the woman. Trying to throw the ashes makes the woman disappear.

The missing woman's hand comes from somewhere far behind the magician's back and grabs the magician's head. The magician is a little frightened for the first time as he grabs his head from behind and starts chanting the mantra loudly.

The chanting of the mantra of the magician is now coming from outside, everyone outside thinks that the magician is subduing the woman, but in the middle, something different is happening. The woman says to the magician, you are well, I was waiting for you, you locked me in this house, now I will not leave you. Where are the rest of your friends? The three of you locked me in an upstairs room chanting the water and mantras of the Ganges on me, now it is good that you are alone in my clutches.

Listening to her talk, the magician realizes that he did not fetch water from the Ganges. He hurried out of the house, so he came to the castle without fetching water from the Ganges. When he came to the castle, seeing the front view, he had to enter the castle to save the life of Suresh and his friend.

He now fully understood that she pretended to be afraid to come in and when we came in she locked us in the castle. She now lifts the magician up and throws him to the other side. As soon as the magician falls to the ground from above, he is hit hard and he cries out in pain. All the villagers standing outside are frightened when they hear the shout of the magician and run away.

Suresh, Deepak, Aunty are also scared but Suresh's mind is not thinking of running away from there because it is because of that witch that Suresh and his friend's life is saved.

Now that woman was standing in front of the mantrik but her hand remains behind the mantrik.Mantrik gets nervous after seeing his face for the first time when the woman comes in front of him.

She lifts the mantrik and throws the mantrik again.Mantric screaming with pain,The female witch starts laughing again in full swing.

He picks up the mantri again and takes it to the upper place of the house where there is a balcony.When she looks outside after being taken to the balcony, outside she sees Suresh's aunt, Suresh, Deepak and his friend standing in front of the house.

Suresh's aunt now screams loudly after seeing this form of that witch.

The witch looks out and laughs again and throws the mantric's neck down hard. Mantrik dies immediately. Now Suresh, his aunt, Deepak and his friend live in front of the witch.

On seeing the Mantrik dead, everyone gets scared and starts running away from there. He runs away and he is heard from behind, "This is my house, everyone will die"

After everyone comes home, Suresh's aunt shouts at her and tells Suresh "What have you done? Why wake her up again, now she won't leave anyone"

Suresh also learns that he has made a big mistake.

Suresh's aunt tells him that the witch's name is Sundara and A Mantrik lived in the neighboring village, she was his girl. She was very beautiful in appearance. So she was named Sundara.

Matrik was very poor and did not nurture his girl well. Sundar always felt that her husband too was very rich, That's why she also started doing Mantra Tantra.

On 1 day, a householder named Deshmukh from Mumbai came to live in this village. He built this big house here, he, his wife and his boy Mahesh used to live in that big house.

1 day Sundara and her father came to this village to do a mantra tantra,Everyone had gathered in the village and Mahesh was also standing in that crowd, Mahesh also wanted to see what is going on here.

When Sundara sees Mahesh, she starts liking Mahesh and she looks at Mahesh and laughs.Mahesh is also fascinated to see her beauty and he also laughs by looking at her.

Now both of them start meeting in the ocean shore of the village, this is known to Mahesh's father and he shouts after Mahesh comes home and does not allow him to meet Sundara.

Mahesh gets mad at Sundara  love and tells Sundara on the very next day that her family is not happy with their couple.

Sundara is sad to hear this and she tells Mahesh that you are not sad Mahesh, everything will be alright. The next day Mahesh's father and his mother were to go out for a government job in Mumbai.

Mahesh's mother and father die on the spot after a bus accident happens on the way out of the bus from the village to Mumbai. Mahesh gets lonely now.

Mahesh and Sundara get married, but a news spreads in the village that Sundara has killed Mahesh's parents with his mantra-tantra.

Mahesh is saddened to hear this from the villagers, Mahesh tells Sundara about the villagers.

Sundara is very sad to hear this and she starts crying. Mahesh pacifies him, but the next day there is a death in the village.

5 villagers die within next 10 days.

The villagers all gather and one thing settles in everyone's mind that this process of death has started only after Sundara comes to this village. The villagers think of taking revenge on Sundara. The villagers now wait for a good moment.

Finally, that moment comes, after the death of his parents, Mahesh goes to Mumbai for whatever work he had left in Mumbai for that work. He calls Sundara's father to stay near Sundara and goes to Mumbai.

Come in front of Mahesh's house, the villagers start guarding Sundara, when the father of Sundara goes for a walk on the sea shore, then the villagers break into Mahesh's house and burn Sundara.

Sundara dies and when her father comes to her house, she stares at him with a view. He would cry and he would think that my daughter died because of my mistake.

Because Sundara's father had killed Mahesh's parents with the mantra-tantra and when he came to know that the villagers used to say bad things about Sundara, then he had killed the villagers with the mantra tantra, but this mistake of his His daughter was punished.

The villagers also killed Sundara for no fault of hers.

Sundara's father went to the village and started threatening people and started speaking the language to see them, now the villagers were shocked again and Sundara's father was also killed by the villagers.

His body was secretly buried outside the village.

When Mahesh came to the village from Mumbai, he was scared to go to the house and saw Sundara's terrible death, the villagers told Mahesh that Sundara and his father had a fight and Sundara's father burnt him to death and he ran away from the village. The villagers lied to Mahesh.

The same night Mahesh also committed suicide in that house.

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