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Best Moral Story For kids-"Tact is better than power"

Best Moral Story For kids-"Tact is better than power"
This is the story of an old woman,Lived alone in a village and had no family, only a girl.The girl was also married and married him in a nearby village.

So the old woman lived alone in the village and it had been four or five months. She had not even seen her girl's face.Now he was determined to come to my girl in the coming Diwali day and stay with her for four to five days and enjoy it well.

After all, the day of Diwali had arrived, now the old lady was going away to meet her girl. Due to lack of bus arrangements in that village and due to the close proximity of the village, the old woman got out on foot.

There was a dense forest inside both the villages and the whole path used to pass in the middle of that forest, he used to cross the forest and come to his girl's village.So she got up early in the morning and got out of the house and started going to the girl's village.

There was no forested path due to leave early in the morning. The whole way was lonely, deserted. Now she was walking through that lonely path and while walking, she stopped to drink the water between the two villages which was a stepwell to drink.After drinking the water, she sat under a large tree with a sleeve.

She was sitting under the tree and it was 5 minutes, now she was looking at the stepwell and she got nervous when she saw it.A tiger came to drink a water at the stepwell.

There is a cauldron on the side of the stepwell, and there used to be some water in it and due to that water, the tiger used to come to the stepwell all the time to drink water.

Seeing the tiger, the old woman was very nervous, she could not understand what to do if I did? If the tiger walks by and sees me, he will eat me.Eventually, she hides on the other side of the tree, but when she starts going behind the tree, the tiger eyes her. Now the tiger comes to know that an old woman is hidden behind that tree.

The tiger comfortably approaches the tree and speaks to the old woman "Don't hide behind the tree come out i've seen you" Hearing the tiger's voice, the old woman gets even more nervous and she Comes out of the tree and stands in front of the tiger and speaks to the tiger.

"Oh O king of the jungle, you have seen me, your eyes have been on me, I am so blessed that you are so great and because of you we are living well"

The tiger laughs and he says to the old lady "Don't make me look mad, no matter how much you have praised me, I will leave you still, today is your last day"

Thinking of the last day, the old woman gets more nervous and now she starts thinking that today is the last day and if I want to see my girl too, what should I do now? 

She requests the tiger again, "O king, today is my last day and today is my last day, so today you will not ask me what my last wish is?" The tiger starts laughing again and speaks to the old lady, definitely say what is your last wish, I will fulfill whatever you wish for.

Hearing this, the old woman feels very good and she becomes very happy in the mind and speaks to the tiger. "O king, my last wish is to see my girl, because I am alone and all I have to do is to see her and my girl's wedding which she has been married in the side village, so I was going to go to her. Even after staying for two-three days on Diwali, I was going to come back to my village again"

The tiger listens to the old woman and thinks that what should I do now? The tiger feels pity on her and the tiger thinks that after all only 2 or 3 days distance is there, after 2 or 3 days she will come back to her village by this path and in this way I will definitely meet her and my who I will erase it when hungry.

The tiger says to the old lady "Well go, but you have told me that I will come again after 2 or 3 days. Today was your last day and the last wish you had was to see your girl." That is why I am leaving you."

The old woman is pleased and goes to meet her girl, she is very happy to see the girl and celebrates Diwali well.After 2 days, eating and eating well, she becomes very happy after eating all the good Diwali and makes up her mind to come out on the third day.

On the third day she wakes up early in the morning and after everyone wakes up, she leaves but before leaving starts crying and going to her girl and says "Daughter, I am going, maybe meet next too." No, you must be well in your life and remember me "

Hearing this, the girl does not understand anything because the mother used to be very happy for 2 days and now is going to go and weeps. The girl is upset and asks her mother "What happened mother, why are you crying?"

Old lady tells her girl all reality,Hearing all the things, the girl also gets upset and now she also feels that the mother will not leave the tiger anymore.Now she too starts crying but weeping wears that one There is a large Pumpkin in his house,She immediately wakes up and she brings the fruit of Pumpkin,fruit of Pumpkin  is so big that half a person can fit in it.

Taking out all the inside of the pumpkin, she gives it to her mother and tells her mother that you sit in the fruit of this pumpkin and go to your village because when you sit in it the tiger will not be able to find you and will not understand it. That you are inside this fruit.

Hearing this idea of ​​the girl, the old woman becomes very happy and sits inside the pumpkin fruit and now half of her body is covered in that fruit, and only her legs remain down. Now she stays inside the fruit of that pumpkin and leaves for her village.

After coming to the middle of the forest,She sees a tiger sitting under that tree near the stepwell, now she is afraid to see the tiger.Now she starts to walk from there in full swing, but the tiger is eyeing her. The tiger speaks to him, "wait, who are you and where are you going?"

She is afraid to hear the voice of the tiger. But with all the courage she utters a human voice, she speaks to the tiger that "my name Ram, and I am the head of a village with a side"

Tiger speaks " Did you see an old lady because i'm looking for her"

Inside, the old woman exclaims with a human voice, "Yes, I found that on the way, and she was saying that today is my last day and now I am going to go to the tiger"

The tiger is overjoyed to hear this and says where is that old lady I want to meet her.

The old woman speaks from inside "That old woman has gone to the hill which is next to the forest because she feels that tiger lives near that hill and I have to find the tiger.

The tiger is angry and says that I told that old lady that we will meet under this tree.The tiger feels that the old woman has forgotten that she was to meet here.

The tiger speaks, well come on now. She has gone to that hill, so I have to go now. Well she went there because no one will disturb there and I will eat it well.

The tiger now leaves to go from there. When the tiger starts to move, the old woman starts walking more vigorously. Now her speed is so much that she now starts running.

The old woman had to return to the village after doing anything, Now she starts running with full force.The tiger starts laughing and finds it strange that after all why is it running so much? I did not even say anything to eat it, yet why is it running so far away from me.

The tiger starts to run towards the hill of the forest because its prey was now the same and he was feeling good in the mind that today I will eat the old lady and feed my hunger.

Eventually the old woman arrives in the village,She gets very tired while coming to the village.Only after getting tired, she is very happy and she thinks in her mind that after all I have dodged the tiger.

From this story, we learn that no matter how big our competition is, no matter how strong we are, but "wisdom wins over power."

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