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Akbar Birbal Story – The Queen Illness


Akbar Birbal Story

One day, everyone started running to the emperor's palace.  The emperor's darling Begum suddenly fell ill.  Became a doctor, became a doctor, nothing made her feel better.  Everyone put their hands in front of her nature.  No one understood what had happened to her. 

On the same day, a distant relative of his came to Birbal by chance and begged him for a lot of help.  Hearing his lament, Birbal said to him, "Look, Khushal chacha, I have a crowd of guests, so there is nothing left.  If you do as I say, you will get a lot of money. 

As soon as his uncle said yes, Birbal said to him, "The emperor's darling Begum has suddenly fallen ill.  Then he would look at her pulse and cure her with medicine.  At this, the guest uncle said, "Hey, I don't know the 'O' or 'Tho' in medicine.  Then Birbal said to him, "Ah, uncle, Begum too is basically Not sick at all. 

She pretended to be sick so that everyone should run for her and show her how good she is as a Begum.  Is.  After saying this, Birbal gave his uncle an idea of ​​what to say and how to behave when he saw Begum's pulse as soon as he went to the palace.  Feel comfortable eating?  You then Birbal said, "Khavind, Begum Saheb's condition is so serious, can I have a sweet meal? I had gone to fetch a well-known doctor.

Look, these doctors have come with me."  Taking the doctor with him, the emperor went to Begum.  The doctor checked Begum's pulse and said to her, "Begum Saheb, have you been out of the palace for a walk in the last one or two days?" 

Begum said, "I went to my sister's son's bar in the bazaar on the way to the bazaar last evening."  Something could happen, but now that I'm here, there's nothing to worry about. I just need to get half a sack full of cloves and give it to me right away. ' 

As soon as all this was done, Vaidya again said to Begum, "Begum Saheb, now you sit in the manger on the elephant and walk around the yard till I say 'enough', so that your dry cold will disappear to a large extent." 

According to the doctor's instructions, Begum sat in the barn on the elephant and walked around the yard for a while.  Lie in bed for about an hour in complete solitude.

Within an hour, your dry cold will disappear and you will feel completely relieved.  But still, if you don't feel well, I'll tell you, you have to do it.  I will give you a necklace with a live sail wrapped in twenty-five or thirty cockroaches.  If you put a necklace of cockroaches around your neck and rest today without eating any food or water, then you will get rid of the dry cold;  But in life, dry cold will never bother you again. 

The mere thought of putting a live sail and a string of cockroaches around her neck caused a thorn in Begum's side. She immediately said to the doctor, "Vaidyaraj, you look like a real magician.  Hey Vaidyaji, how did you cure Begum Saheb's dry cold immediately by sitting Begum Saheb in the manger on an elephant and making her walk around the courtyard scattered with cloves? 

Then Vaidya said, "Khudawant, ah Begum Saheb was sitting in the barn on the elephant yesterday while walking on the road in the market place.  Since cardamom has this cold quality, its coldness went from the elephant's foot to his body.  From his body he went to Ambari on his back and from Ambari to Begum Saheb's body and thus Begum Saheb contracted the terrible disease of dry cold. 

I recognized this as soon as I saw their pulse and got some information;  And so Clove asked to sit on the elephant in the scattered courtyard and take a walk.  What happened was that the elephant's foot fell on the cloves. 

As in Ayurveda, cloves are of hot quality, so the heat of those cloves went to his body through the feet of an elephant, from his body to his back and from his back to his body.  The dry cold caused by this heat escaped them.  The emperor paid a lot of money to the doctor after seeing that Begum was cured of the disease due to this exact remedy of the doctor.

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