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Ghost story - sarpanch's haunted house

This is the story of Rajesh. Rajesh is a promising boy who topped his exam every year after studying well in college.

Rajesh was very interested in sports, but more than sports, he was more interested in reading ghostly stories, watching ghostly films.

The month of Diwali was coming to a close. All of Rajesh's friends were planning to visit during Diwali holidays. All the friends made up their mind to go to Alibaug, because Alibaug was such a place that very good spots were worth seeing around.

Alibaug had many such beaches which were quite beautiful, had forts, temples. It was a forest. Rajesh's friends planned a 2-day trip. Rajesh was also excited to take the permission from his parents to go for this trip. Because Rajesh was going for a 2-day trip away from home for the first time.

The day of the trip has finally arrived. The Innova car was booked for 2 days. Trip started. It was about 5 in the evening to reach Alibaug. It was already 6 o'clock in the evening when we reached Alibaug.

He had booked rooms in the hotel in a village near Alibaug. When they reached the village, all the people were closing their shops. Everyone was shocked to see that the shops are closing so soon.

Rajesh and his friends asked the man on one way, why are these shops closing so fast. The man told that an untoward incident took place in this village on this day. Sarpanch's daughter had a turmeric program and all the people died due to gas cylinder blast in the same program. Every year, the tune of turmeric is heard from the sarpanch's house on this day. There is a smell of food fragrance and the voice of girls, young children, old women, men, all these people also.

That is why there is no untoward again in the village, due to which all shops are closed early today. All friends of Rajesh get scared on hearing this. Next the man says that there is a sarpanch's house near the sea, you are new, so do not dare to go there tonight.

The man goes away after saying this. Rajesh and his friends come to the hotel room. The memory of the incident with sarpanch remains in everyone's mind. But something different was going on in Rajesh's mind.

Rajesh tells his friends that today we go to the sarpanch's house. Actually, something happens there or it is only the behavior of the villagers that will be known.

All friends clearly refuse to come and do not even ask Rajesh to go. But due to Rajesh already getting involved in the ghostly story, he decides to go alone by refusing to talk to friends.

As soon as all of Rajesh's friends fall asleep, Rajesh secretly comes out of the hotel room with torch, mobile and wooden saddle. Sarpanch's house was visible from a distance due to the village being small. The house looked different due to the coconut tree near and around the sea. Due to the light of the moon above, it seemed that someone had lit the light in that house.

Rajesh goes to that house. The house looked very big from outside. Some houses were also seen in the upper part of the house. Rajesh goes to the courtyard of the house. Due to the fallen leaves, Rajesh used to sound different as he walked. The sound of sea water was also coming out loud.

Rajesh goes to the first door of the house. The door opens as soon as it is pushed with a hammer. Due to the house being closed for many days, the sound of opening the door is different. There was no lock on the door for anyone to go there. Rajesh feels the body of a hot air as soon as he puts his foot inside.

As soon as he goes inside the house, Rajesh tries to look here and there with the light of the torch. At the moment there was no such strange incident. Suddenly, a goat is heard by Rajesh. The goat rushes out from near Rajesh running quickly. Rajesh is a little scared but the next time he laughs thinking of being scared because of just one goat.

Rajesh uses the stairs to go to the upper house. The staircase is giving a strange sound as it becomes wooden. As soon as he goes up, Rajesh goes into a room. The room was very big. As soon as the torch is lighted in the room, Rajesh smells of making Jalebi.

The sound of humming girls' songs starts coming from outside the room. Rajesh's torch falls on the girl sitting on the bed in the room. The girl was wearing a saree wearing turmeric program. The face of the girl was opposite to that of Rajesh. Rajesh gets scared after seeing this. He quickly comes out of the room. As soon as he comes out, he gets shocked seeing the front view.

The whole house remains fully decorated as soon as it comes out of the room. Flower garlands are hung on all the walls. Little children are running here and there. All women are wearing high saris. People are busy with their work. Everything from the gallery to Rajesh is seen inside the house. If he comes a little further, then the Acharya Jalebi, who is below him, appears to be frying.

When Rajesh sees the people frying Jalebi, their bodies remain half burnt. When you see the children below, then the feet and mouth of the children are burnt. Rajesh gets very nervous after seeing this. He starts running towards the stairs, but when he sees there, the staircase was missing. Then how did Rajesh finally come up? Rajesh is scared while thinking this.

Suddenly the sound of a ghoul starts coming from the room. Rajesh comes to know that only the girl sitting inside the room will come out. That girl comes to the door Rajesh gets enchanted seeing that girl. The girl looks very beautiful. She smiles at Rajesh. When she laughs, Rajesh sees that there are no teeth in her mouth. And suddenly the girl's face is completely burnt. Both his hands are also burnt.

The burnt flesh starts dripping from the girl's arms. The girl comes to Rajesh laughing. Rajesh shouts loudly after seeing this. Due to Rajesh's shouting, all the people in the house start looking up at Rajesh. The girl approaches Rajesh and kills Rajesh from above. Rajesh falls down from the gallery above. Rajesh Jalebi falls near the fryers.

Rajesh's leg breaks as soon as he falls down. He crawls from the ground and goes towards the door leading out. As soon as he goes near the door, the door goes away again. Now everyone living in the house is watching Rajesh. All people are burnt. Rajesh thinks that it was a mistake to come here after seeing such a terrible scene. Sweat is dripping from Rajesh's entire body.

Rajesh starts crying and begs to go out of the house. Seeing this, everyone starts laughing loudly. Rajesh faints after seeing and hearing their terrible laughter.

In the morning, when Rajesh's friends come to the house looking for him, Rajesh sees him lying outside the house. All friends pick him up and bring him to the hotel room. Rajesh's eye opens as soon as he hits Rajesh's mouth. Rajesh shouts loudly after seeing all his friends, but when he is really sure then he calms down. Rajesh still feels scared after seeing the terrible nightfall.

On the same day, all friends cancel their trips and come home.

But one thing could not be understood after all, how did Rajesh survive in such a terrible scene? What do you think ? Please do comment by commenting.

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