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Ghost Stories - Witch woman and cycle

Horror story -Witch woman & cycle

This is the story of Sitapur village. It was the wedding day of the son of the head of the village of Sitapur and there was a dance ceremony in the village at night.

The chief had called the famous band of Rampur to sing the dance at his son's wedding.

The band of Rampur leaves all their belongings on the cycle of every person and leaves at 4 pm. The difference between Rampur and Sitapur was just 6 kilometers.

It was winter. So every band person was wearing a sweater and a muffler around her neck. In the dark night, he was going to Sitapur village riding a bicycle.

Between Sitapur and Rampur, there was a forest, and the similes of those two villages were adjacent to a river going through a forest. There was a bridge over the river to go to both villages.

The band arrive at Sitapur village around 8 pm. The dance song ceremony started at around 9 pm and lasted till around 1 pm.

The chief of Sitapur was very happy with the band and gave more money to the band than the amount he had prepared. Everyone in the band was very happy and thanking the headman, the stuff started fitting on his bicycle again.

They left from Sitapur at around 1.30 pm. Everyone was tired of playing the band. The cycle was going on and in the silence of the night, the sound of insects also looked very scary.

The way to the jungle, no human voice even far away. Everyone was talking among themselves and cutting their way by cycling.

Suddenly a woman starts crying. All the band persons think about who is crying at this time. The deserted path of the forest and the sound of weeping. Everybody is shocked. Sitapur village was just 2 km behind.

The sound of crying starts coming out loud. By the way, everyone drives a cycle fast. After all, they see a woman crying on the side of the road. Everyone is stunned to see that woman. Why is a woman crying in such a deserted way and in the forest?

All the people stop with that woman. The woman keeps crying. The eldest man in the band Pathak asks the woman, "Daughter, why are you crying and what are you doing in this secluded place?"

The weeping woman says, "My village is Sitapur, my husband killed me a lot, he would have killed me but I ran away from there".

The man says, "Daughter, how did you stay here again and where did you want to go?"

The woman says, "I am tired of running away and I don't have the strength anymore, I can go ahead, my village is Ranjangad near Rampur. I want to go to my mother and father there.

Everybody gets caught in trouble. Was getting late to go home and how to leave this woman alone? Everyone fell into this dilemma.

After all, the old man says, "Daughter, you come with us, before Rampur comes to your village, we leave you in the village". Saying this, the elderly tells a man to sit on a bicycle and take him along.

Because of the man's belongings on the back of the bicycle, he makes the woman sit on the rod facing the bicycle. The woman sits on the cycle. It is almost 2.30 in the night.

Due to excess of night, all the people are riding the cycle with each other. The woman is now sitting quietly. All people keep walking, only then a dog starts barking at them. Since it is night, no one pays attention to that dog.

The dog starts barking strangely. Laughs on the face of the woman because of her strange barking. The man on whose bicycle the woman is sitting, that man speaks to all the people, "Brothers, now we feel a little weight while riding the bicycle. "All the people are sitting women, because of that, they say that you are sitting on a double seat, so you feel like this."

The river flowing between Rampur and Sitapur villages starts coming closer. The sound of river water is now heard clearly. As soon as the bridge built on the river comes near, in the same way that man has difficulty in cycling.

He starts with the sound of river water and other sounds. He does not understand where the other voice is coming from. If he sees the woman sitting next to him, then he remains calm. Due to the difficulty in running the cycle and more, he speaks to the rest of the people. "Brothers, we stay here for a while. After taking some rest, let's go ahead.

Everyone else slows down the cycle to stop. That man also slows the cycle. While slowing the cycle, when he sees his eye on the bicycle pedal, he gets nervous seeing the view below. No sound comes out of his mouth.

He is scared to see the woman's feet crawling on the ground. The legs of the woman keep growing. Now he understands that where was that second voice coming from and why he was having such difficulty in cycling?

The man puts his full force on the woman under the bicycle. He shouts loudly and says, "Brothers, do not stop, drive the bicycle in a loud manner and do not look back". Seeing his shouting, all the people start riding the cycle fast.

The woman behind us cries loudly and says go with me too. After his voice, the man says, "No stop, she is a witch, first cross the bridge of this river." Do not give him any answer ''

The woman starts running after them. Now instead of crying, she laughs loudly. Hearing his terrible laughter, everyone gets sweaty. Everybody starts cycling faster. On coming to the bridge of the river, all those people feel that a fire has started from behind.

After all, the female witch was about to catch a bicycle, in her hand comes the luggage behind the bicycle. The man sitting on the cycle shouts and after committing his life, he starts to run away from the cycle in full swing. After all, all the people cross the river bridge.

As soon as all the people are on the bridge of the river, a loud sound comes from behind. "All of you guys survived, today I would drink all your blood, then my earthquake would disappear." You survived because of this Village boundary  line ''.

On hearing this, all the people go ahead and look back and see a big fire on the bridge of the river. All the band people are tired and in their heart they give thanks to God. Because today he faced his death. 

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