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Birbal's intelligence - who is the real culprit ?

Shantabai and Kantabai lived in the neighborhood. The two did not have a good relationship with each other.

Shantabai's nature was completely calm, so Kantabai's nature was quite the opposite. Due to the nature of Shantabai, people were highly respected in Rampur village.

One day Kantabai was killing her son, her son dies because of too much beating. Kantabai is very scared to see her son dead. Now he feels that King Akbar will execute him. She is very scared.

That's when an idea comes to his mind. She waits for night. After nightfall, she puts her son's body in Shantabai's courtyard.

Waking up early the next day, Shantabai pretends to cry after seeing her son's dead body. And all the people are told that Shantabai has killed my son.

The people of Rampur village also start accepting his words as true. Because no one can think how a mother can kill her son.

King Akbar's soldiers put Shantabai in jail. But those who knew Shantabai well did not like it. He goes to Birbal and tells that Shantabai is innocent.

Birber assures them to help. Birbal sends him to know about the nature of Shantabai and Kantabai through his secret head.

Secret information gives all information to Birbal and Shantabai tells that she cannot kill anyone. Shantabai is being implicated. Now Birbal starts thinking a little after hearing this.

The next day Birbal summons Kantabai to the court of King Akbar. Shantabai and Kantabai tell them to stay in separate rooms.

Birbal first goes to Kantabai's room and tells her that Shantabai cannot kill your son. You have killed your son If this is not true, then take off all your clothes. Kantabai immediately starts removing her clothes, then Birbal stops her.

Later Birbal goes to Shantabai's room and tells her that all the people suspect that you have killed Kantabai's son. If you have not killed him and you are innocent then remove your whole clothes and prove your innocence.

Hearing this, Shantabai tells Birbal, 'I have not killed Kantabai's son, but I cannot violate my own character just to prove my innocence. You may hang me but I will not take my clothes off.

Birbal gets water in his eye after hearing these things and he says to Shantabai, 'Excuse me but I was just taking your exam for whether you are innocent or not. You are really innocent Because your views are of a very high copy and you cannot kill anyone.

Later, Birbal goes to Kantabai's room and tells her in harsh words that Kantabai is the one who killed her son. I can extract all the truth from you by putting you in jail. Your character is the biggest reason why you are guilty.

Kantabai gets scared after seeing Birbal's Rudra Avatar and confesses her crime. And she appeals not to hang Birbal's feet.

Describing all things in detail, Birbal King Akbar says that Kantabai has confessed her crime and Shantabai is innocent.

King Akbar greets Shantabai with a sari-choli and gives Kantabai 6 years in jail. King Akbar is very happy to see Birbal's intelligence.

Meaning - If your character is good then you will never have to feel embarrassed in your life.

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