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Akbar Birbal's story - the unconscious boy told, who did the theft?

A poor man reaches Delhi after leaving home to travel to Kashi. As it is nightfall in Delhi, he stands in front of an unfamiliar house near a road and gives voice.

As soon as you give voice, the owner of the house comes out. The poor man tells him about his Kashi yatra and begs for a place to rest for tonight.

The owner of the house remains compassionate and gives that poor man a place in a room of his house, along with feeding him food.

In those days, robbery in Delhi used to happen every day. The government had recruited more police to stop the robbery. But one of those cops used to run his house after committing robbery.

That police thief sleeps today, the poor man goes to the same house to rob him. A big box was kept in the same room where the poor man slept. The police thief was about to run away with the box, then suddenly due to some sound, the poor man's sleep opens and he catches the leg of the police thief.

The police thief is unable to escape because of his feet. He tells the poor man, you leave me, I will give you half of whatever money comes out inside this box. Even after hearing this, the poor man does not leave his feet.

After much effort to leave the leg, the police thief loudly gives voice to the house owner and says, "Come soon, this man was about to run away with your box, then I caught him" Believes the truth and completes the poor man's police.

The news of the poor man getting a police complaint reaches Birbal. Birbal summons the poor man and the police thief to the court of King Akbar. Before summoning him to the court, Birbal asks his faithful man to do one thing.

After the poor man and the police thief reached the court, Birbal told that the faithful man comes in and says to Birbal, "Birbal ji, me and my son fainted while visiting a nearby temple, please you Bring him here quickly, I cannot bring him here alone ''

Then Birbal says "Well, you don't go, I send the police and this poor man to take your son". The police thief and poor man reach the temple, seeing the boy unconscious, the poor man puts his clothes on his mouth And the police along with the thief try to pick him up and bring him to the court.

While bringing him to the court, the poor man says to the police thief, "You have done a lot wrong, got a poor man like me caught in a crime of theft".

Hearing this, the police thief says, "I have framed you because of your authentic nature, even if you did not leave my foot when I was ready to give you half of the theft, now you will face your punishment, for many days now." You will go to jail.

Both also come to the court. Laying the boy on the bed, Birbal asks both of them again who has committed the theft? The police thief says, "I caught it while stealing".

Where does the police thief speak to Birbal then the unconscious boy says, "This poor man has not stolen but this police has done, while coming, I heard both of them"

Now the police thief knows everything, Birbal must have told this boy to pretend to be unconscious. The police thief apologizes to Birbal. Birbal orders the soldiers to quickly catch this police thief and put him in jail.

The poor man got justice because of Birbal's cleverness. The poor man thanks Birbal and departs for his Kashi Yatra.

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