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Akbar Birbal Story - Golden elephant


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One day Akbar Raja felt that there should be 4-5 kg gold elephant in the court. So the king immediately summoned those who were good sonar of the kingdom and stated his wish.

All the sonars of the state had come to the court. Only 4 of them came forward to make gold elephant. The rest were sonar, they feared that if the elephant did not make good, then King Akbar would get angry.

King Akbar arranged a special room for those 4 sonars, and to avoid any kind of adulteration in making golden elephants, he kept a vigil on the soldiers in that room.

Sonar got involved in making gold elephant. All the sonars worked in the palace during the day and went to their home at night to make a bronze elephant like a gold elephant.

A few days later he made a beautiful gold elephant in the palace. King Akbar was very happy to see the golden elephant. But there were 4 sonars that he said to King Akbar, "Hey, dear king, we have done your work very diligently and if this elephant keeps you pressing for some time in the sand, then this golden elephant will look even more beautiful".

When King Akbar heard the talk, he was convinced of the sonar and he allowed him to keep the elephant in the sand. 4 Sonar took those elephants to suppress in the sands of Yamuna. Along with the soldiers was a tough guard.

4 Sonars had already made a bronze elephant in their house in the same way. Which he had hidden earlier in the night by pressing into the sands of Yamuna. The next day he went with soldiers to the same place where the brass elephant was hidden at night. He kept the golden elephant in the sand next to him.

Later, they started quarreling among themselves to distract the attention of the soldiers. All the sonars I have made each other as elephants and started false quarrel by saying that I should get the most money.

On seeing this quarrel, the soldiers appealed to all of them to remain calm. Seeing the attention of the soldiers wandering, the four elephants buried in the sonar arm bring out the brass elephants from the sands of the Yamuna and take it in front of them in the court of King Akbar.

On seeing such a glow of a gold elephant, King Akbar becomes more happy and asks Birbal to give gold coins to these four sonars.

Birbal comes to those sonars and speaks to them whether this idol is really gold or brass?

Listening to Birbal, all the sonars get sweaty. Nevertheless, all the sonars say to Birbal that this elephant is only of gold, there is no adulteration in it.

Hearing this, Birbal says, "Okay, so this elephant is really gold, then put it in the fire for a while, if it is of gold, it will glow more in the fire and if it is of other metal, then this elephant will turn black" '

Hearing about Birbal, now all four sons are scared and start telling the truth to Birbal. Later, he removes the golden elephant from the sands of Yamuna and gives it to Birbal.

Seeing all this, King Akbar teaches all four sonars to be whipped. On seeing Birbal's intelligence, King Akbar becomes very happy and shows a big reward to Birbal.

Click here to read this story in Hindi language…

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