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Akbar Birbal Stories - Emperor of laziness

King Akbar and Birbal are roaming in the garden. King Akbar asks Birbal, who will be the greatest lazy man in our state, who will be the emperor of the truly lazy people.

Hearing the talk of King Akbar, Birbal says to the king, there are very lazy people in our state too, one of them will definitely be the emperor of lazy people.

King Akbar tells Birbal that if someone is really such a big lazy man in our state then he has to see me.

According to the orders of King Akbar, Birbal organizes a big meal in the state one day after 2 weeks and invites all the lazy people.

All lazy people become happy as soon as the news of this matter spreads in the state. But when the ceremony is held at the venue, everyone is stunned. The ceremony is organized in the sandy ground of Yamuna. The sandy ground of Yamuna is quite far from the palace.

Finally comes the day of ceremony. All lazy people start coming to the ceremony. If someone comes on foot, someone is seated on someone's shoulder, someone is brought on hold, and someone is brought by force.

King Akbar is amazed to see so many lazy people and says to Birbal, 'There are so many lazy people in our state who take part in such a big event unhappily'.

Birbal tells the king, 'If you were to see the biggest lazy man, then you would get to see him in this event'.

Seeing such a big event and seeing so many types of food, all lazy people become very happy. The desire to eat the most is born in each one's mind.

Birbal orders all soldiers to serve food to all the people. After listening to Birbal, all the people sit down to eat. As soon as the food starts, after 5 minutes Birbal orders the soldiers again and asks both sides to set the canopy pavilion on fire.

Soldiers do the same. On seeing the pavilion on fire, some people start running away. Some are sitting in the same way and think that if we do not have fire, then why get up from food?

The fire slowly spreads everywhere. As the fire starts spreading, so lazy people get up unhappily and run away.

After all, only 2 people are eating food in the pavilion. One of the 2 people says to the other 'Brother, there is a fire everywhere. They save their lives by leaving food '.

So the other man says, 'Brother, how can you run away after leaving such good food, you know how much I like to eat hot food and this fire is heating up so much good food and it seems to eat better. I am very lazy to run away leaving such good food. I will not run anywhere I will eat all the food and even if I lose my life while eating, I will not have any effect, I will gladly die but will not leave such a big meal ‘.

Hearing this, that other man also runs away and after all only one man stays in the pavilion. Birbal asks the soldiers to immediately extinguish the fire. The soldiers immediately extinguish the fire.

King Akbar is astonished to see the last man left and says to Birbal, 'Birbal, I have never seen such a lazy man in life who gives his life to eat and is too lazy to run away to save his life. Go '

Birbal tells King Akbar, 'If you had to see the Emperor of the lazy people, you saw that today' King Akbar laughingly calls the last man and honors him by giving him 10,000 gold coins.


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