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Akbar Birbal Story - Finally King Akbar found Birbal..

 Akbar Birbal Story - Finally King Akbar found Birbal.

One day King Akbar and Birbal get into a fight. Due to the quarrel, Birbal leaves the palace and goes somewhere.

King Akbar becomes very sad due to Birbal leaving the palace. They try to find Birbal everywhere but they cannot even know where Birbal is.

King Akbar gets very sad. They keep spending their days thinking about where Birbal must have gone. After all, King Akbar thinks of a trick.

On the very next day, King Akbar makes an announcement in the village of every state. "A man who can stand in the shade and sun at the same time and who remains hungry even after having food, if there is such a person, then he can come to King Akbar and take the reward of his 1000 gold coins."

The next day a poor farmer comes to the palace as King Akbar announces this. The poor farmer says to Raja Akbar, "O king, accept my salutation, the embroidery which is placed on my head is perforated everywhere in that embroidery, due to the hole, there is a sun on my body and the place where there is no hole there Is Happening''

On hearing this, King Akbar says to the farmer, "But the man who is hungry even after eating food, you have not told anything about it?"

On hearing King Akbar's words, the poor farmer says, "My dear king, I have a gram of puffed rice in the upper pocket of my shirt and I was eating that while coming here, even after eating so much, I got hungry because of not getting food.

King Akbar speaks on the farmer saying, "You have fulfilled both my demands, but tell me that so much of your mind was yours or someone else told you to do it."

King Akbar asks the poor farmer as soon as he asks, "A man came to my village 14-15 days ago, I found a big man to look at me, so I gave him shelter in my house, that good man only made me do this Was told to ‘’

On hearing the talk of the farmer, King Akbar understands that it will be Birbal, by giving 1000 pieces of gold to the farmer, the king himself goes to his house with the farmer.

Going to the farmer's house and seeing King Akbar, the man was Birbal. Birbal gets surprised after seeing King Akbar.

After all, King Akbar and Birbal I again become friends. King Akbar brings Birbal with him again to the palace.

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