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Akabar birbal story - The dog severed the head of the commander.

One day a soldier got angry and separated his wife's head from her torso. The soldiers of King Akbar hold that soldier and present it in the court of King Akbar, seeing the cruelty of that soldier, King Akbar asks all his ministers, what should be done with this?

All ministers say that it should be hanged. Hearing everything, King Akbar asks Birbal, what do you think?

Birbal says, 'King Akbar, do not hang it and give it a room in your palace and make it a good guest' Hearing this, all ministers and King Akbar also remain numb. After all, King Akbar obeyed Birbal and gives a separate room to that soldier and orders his hospitality.

King Akbar has made a big mistake by obeying Birbal, all such ministers start to mutter among themselves. All ministers feel that a good message will not go in the state.

A month later, the King of Iran declares an attack on King Akbar's kingdom. He sends his messenger to King Akbar and keeps a demand for 1 billion gold coins. If you do not give gold, then we will attack your state.

King Akbar gets very angry on hearing the Iranian envoy. But Birbal appeals to King Akbar to maintain peace and you do not worry too much, by saying this, the anger of King Akbar calms down.

Birbal speaks to that messenger 'You go, we tell our decision to you' Iran's messenger goes away after hearing this.

Birbal tells King Akbar, 'O king, I solve the problem of Iran, you be restless' King Akbar puts his hand on Birbal's shoulder and smiles.

Now Birbal summons the soldier who is visiting the guest in the palace. As soon as that soldier comes, Birbal tells him 'King Akbar has given you a task, you have to make a special envoy and go to the commander of Iran and tell him whatever message Akbar has.'

The soldier's chest swells proudly after listening to Birbal. Birbal further says to the soldier that 'killing a wife is a little masculinity, if someone tells his king that he is a victim, he is called a man, he is called a brave soldier.

Birbal gives an envelope to that soldier and asks him to hand over the envelope to the Iranian commander and if the Iranian commander speaks wrongly about his king Akbar, then remove the commander's head from his torso.

Hearing all the words of Birbal, the soldier becomes a special envoy and goes to the commander of Iran.

The military commander of Iran starts laughing after seeing the things written in the envelope and says that King Akbar is a very early warrior, but he turned out to be a coward and agreed to give us gold coins so soon '

Hearing of the commander of Iran, Birbal, the soldier sent says, 'You do not call my king a coward, he is very brave'

The military commander of Iran speaks in anger after listening to the soldier. 'This soldier is so sick, you are a dog'

King Akbar's soldier gets angry after hearing the commander of Iran and at lightning speed he goes to the commander of Iran and removes his head from his torso.

It happens in such a hurry that the soldiers of Iran start running here and there. All the soldiers of Iran get frightened after seeing their commander severed from the head.

Some Iranian soldiers kill King Akbar's soldier. But seeing the death of his general, the soldiers of Iran give up their intention to attack King Akbar's kingdom. And move back.

King Akbar is overjoyed to hear the killing of the Iranian commander and news of the escape of the Iranian soldiers and embraces Birbal and expresses his gratitude.

Hearing this news, the other ministers also become convinced of Birbal's intelligence. Birbal is given 1 lakh gold coins due to his intelligence.

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