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Best Moral Story For Kids - Sparrow and Arrogant Elephant

Sparrow and Arrogant Elephant

Sparrow and Arrogant Elephant, Goriya aur ghamandi hathi
the elephant and the sparrow story in English

A sparrow used to live with her husband on a mango tree in a forest. Both the husbands and wife were very much waiting for their children to come out of the eggs in their nest.

One day the sparrow was roasting her eggs and her husband went out to arrange their food. Suddenly at the same time, an angry elephant was walking all the trees around.

The elephant also hit the mango tree but nothing happened to him due to the strong mango tree. But due to that collision, the sparrow's nest on the tree falls down and all the eggs fall away.

The sparrow starts crying after seeing this. After a while, her husband also becomes very sad after coming and seeing everyone. The sparrow tells him the whole reality.

The purpose of the sparrow and her husband was now only to teach the elephant a lesson. Both of them went to their friend which was a woodpecker. Describing the woodpecker as a reality, he sought his help in teaching the elephant a lesson.

Woodpecker agreed. He called two of his friends to teach the elephant a lesson. Those two friends were bees and frogs.

Sparrow, sparrow's husband, woodpecker, bee and frog devised a plan to teach the elephant a lesson.

Under that plan, the first bee started humming the elephant's ear. After listening to the song of the bee, the elephant started to enjoy a lot and he started enjoying that song.

Now it was the turn of woodpecker When the woodpecker saw that the elephant was enjoying the song, he immediately ripped the elephant's two eyes with his chin. The elephant now groaned painfully.

After this it was the frog's turn. The frogs went to the swamp ground with all their platoon and started to run away. Hearing the sound of the frog screeching, the elephant thought that there was a pond nearby.

Hearing the sound of a frog, the elephant swamp comes near the ground and gets trapped in the same swamp. The elephant tries to get out of the swamp, but he gets trapped in that marsh and dies.

Similarly, Sparrow and Sparrow's husband took revenge on the elephant along with their friends.

Meaning: No matter how weak someone is, but if all the weak together do some work, then that work can also be done very easily. The biggest enemy can also be defeated.

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