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Best Moral Story For Kids - Monkey and crocodile

moral story for kid - Monkey and crocodile

Monkey and crocodile , Bandar Aur Magarmachh - बंदर और मगरमच्छ

A monkey used to live on the berries on the banks of the river Ganges. The berries of that tree were very sweet.

One day a crocodile came near the jamun tree on the river looking for food. When the monkey living on the tree asked the crocodile the reason for his arrival, the crocodile gave him the reason for coming.

Hearing the reason of the crocodile, the monkey said to him, "The berries of this tree are very sweet, I give you these berries to eat"

After eating the berries, the crocodile liked it and thus the crocodile and monkey became friends.

Now the monkey used to give crocodiles plucking berries to eat. One day the crocodile fed the berries to his wife as well. The crocodile's wife found the berries very sweet.

The crocodile's wife after eating berries daily, felt that the heart of a monkey eating such sweet berries would be very sweet. She says to her husband, "Oh my dear husband, I have to eat the heart of the monkey, who eats such sweet berries every day, then his heart will be very sweet"

Hearing this about the wife, the crocodile first explained it to her, but she was adamant. The crocodile's wife pretended to fall ill and said to her husband, "If you did not bring the heart of that monkey, then I will not eat anything from today, I will give my life by remaining hungry and thirsty"

After hearing this, crocodile agreed to bring the heart of the monkey. The next day the crocodile went to the berries on the banks of the Ganges. And said to the monkey, “My dear friend, you satisfied me and my wife by feeding me sweet berries every day. Your sister-in-law wants to meet you "

Hearing the crocodile, the monkey says, "My friend, how can I come to the water"

The crocodile speaks with a bad heart "You sit on my back, then I take you to introduce me to your sister-in-law"

The monkey sits on his back listening to the crocodile. On reaching the middle of the river, the crocodile tells the monkey about his wife's wish. The crocodile feels that the monkey can no longer run away from here.

The monkey is very sad to hear this. But he did not lose his patience and said to the crocodile "Oh my friend, you should have told me this thing earlier. I have come to lay my heart on the berries. If you had told me earlier, I would have taken it with me. Walk quickly to the tree and I bring my heart to give to my sister-in-law "

The crocodile finds the truth of the monkey and again comes near the berries on the river bank. The monkey immediately clings to his back and climbs the berries.

After hitting the tree, the monkey says to the crocodile, "Fool, you don't even know how anyone can live without a heart." You broke the trust of my friendship, your friendship and my friendship ends today

Meaning: - A) Never lose your patience in case of trouble.

B) Do not trust unknown friends so soon.

C)  Friendship should always be respected.

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