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Horror story for kids - Monster fear

horror story for kids - Monster fear

horror story for kids - Monster fear-horror story in hindi – bhoot ka dar

A king named Aryavrat lived in a city. Manali, the daughter of the Aryavrata king, was very beautiful and talented. But he always had a fear that no demons should kidnap him.

Due to this fear, there was always a vigil in the palace. Manali used to be very scared during the night.

One night the demon got drunk in the palace of Manali. He hid after going to Manali's room. After hiding, the demon listened to Manali and her friend. Manali was saying to her friend, "I am very scared of this Marich demon, it will have to be remedied soon"

On hearing this, the demon felt that there was another demon named Marich. And how powerful is Princess Manali afraid? I have to see this.

The monster takes the form of a horse and takes a breath in the horse's cradle. The same night a thief enters the palace with the intention of stealing a horse.

The thief sees all the horses and likes to see the demon horse. He immediately sits on her back.

The demon feels that this is the Marich demon that the Manali princess is afraid of and now she is about to kill me by sitting on my back.

The thief took the reins of the horse and as soon as he whipped the horse started running. The thief went some distance to pull the rein to stop the horse, but instead of stopping the horse started running faster.

Then the thief suspected that this horse is not there. It will be a demon who takes the form of a horse and plans to take me away and kill me in some isolated place.

While thinking of the thief, next came the branch of the big tree. When the horse ran away from that tree, the thief immediately grabbed the branch of the tree and climbed up.

A monkey friend of the demon lived on that big tree. When he saw this, he gave voice to the demon and said, "Friend, do not be afraid, this is not a big monster but a normal human being. You can pinch it here and wipe out your earthquake. "

The thief got angry after hearing this thing of the monkey, but the monkey was sitting on the tree on the second branch, so the thief could not do anything. But the monkey's tail was coming in front of the thief.

The thief immediately started biting the monkey's tail with his teeth. The monkey was very much pained, but he kept quiet in front of his friend demon to show the power of the thief less. Still the pain of biting the tail was visible on the monkey's face.

Seeing this condition of the monkey, the monster says, "Friend, seeing the shadow of pain on your face, you have definitely come to the skin of the Marich monster"

Saying this, the monster runs away to save his life in fear.

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