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Horror story for kids - College hostel room

 Horror story for kids - College Hostel Room

Horror story for kids - College hostel room, Hostel ka kamra – होस्टेल का कमरा

This story is from 1 year ago. The 10th class result was set. In Konkan village, a girl named Riya came first in the whole area. All the villagers greeted Rosa on the first arrival of Riya.

Riya was a topper in all studies and loved by all the teachers of the school. All the people requested Riya's parents, Riya should do her next education in engineering and hence she should go to Mumbai and study diploma.

Riya's parents agreed to it and in this way Riya's admission was completed in the largest diploma college in Mumbai.

But first Riya had a problem of living in Mumbai. The solution of this problem also came out. Riya gets a room to stay in the hostel of the same college.

Pallavi was Riya's roommate. Pallavi also studied in the same college and she was senior to Riya. Riya and Pallavi became good friends.

Pallavi also topped the study. Whenever Riya got a problem, Pallavi would immediately solve the problem. One month of college was completed.

Pallavi seldom attended college with Riya. reason Pallavi used to study more in the hostel's room.

But now Pallavi had stopped coming to college. She only lived alone in the hostel's room. She used to live alone in the hostel's room throughout the day.

Riya asked him to come with her to college very often, but Pallavi always made some excuse. Riya felt that a family problem was going on in her house, so she did not disturb Pallavi more.

There used to be 3 girls in one room in all hostels. But Pallavi and Riya did not have any third girl in their room. Pallavi was now sitting alone alone. For this reason Riya was now bored in the hostel.

Riya always felt that a third girl should also come here to stay. Pallavi had started living very sad for days now. Now she did not speak much with Riya.

Riya was starting to feel this very strange nature of Pallavi. How did the girl talking so much become so calm? This question always came in Riya's mind.

Pallavi was now sitting alone in the dark in the night. One day Riya suddenly woke up at night. Looked at Pallavi's bed, Pallavi was not on the bed. Riya felt that Pallavi has gone to the washroom.

Riya suspected that Pallavi had gone out even after 15-20 minutes. Riya first saw Pallavi in ​​the washroom. Later she went to see Pallavi in ​​the side room.

Apart from Riya and Pallavi, no girl used to go to that room. It was all dark in that room. Riya saw a girl sitting in the dark. Riya thought that she is Pallavi.

Riya saw Pallavi's eyes turning red when she went to that room. His hair was completely spread. Pallavi's face was looking very terrible. Riya was now scared but still gave voice to Pallavi.

Pallavi did not give any reply. For this reason Riya gave her voice 2-3 times. Pallavi loudly said to Riya, “Riya, you get out of here and go to your bed and go to sleep. Let me sit alone in this room "

Upon hearing Pallavi's voice, Riya immediately came to her bed and started trying to sleep, but she was not going to sleep anymore. Riya started waiting for morning.

When Riya woke up in the morning, Pallavi was sleeping on the bed next to her. Riya liked it a bit. But still Riya no longer had to stay in this room. He had to shift to another room from the experience of night.

Riya went to the headoffice of the college and filled up the other room forms and she told the entire incident about the night to the headoffice staff. The staff gave a strange answer after listening to Riya.

Staff told that Riya used to live alone in whatever room Riya was given. Apart from Riya, no other girl lived in that room. Most importantly, no girl named Pallavi used to study in that college.

Riya got shocked after listening to the staff and she started thinking who the girl was. With whom Riya spent two whole months.

But one thing was true in all of them that apart from Riya, no girl lived in that room.

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