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akbar and birbal story - Birbal's journey to heaven

akbar and birbal storyBirbal's journey to heaven

akbar and birbal story - Birbal's journey to heaven,  birbal ki swarg ki yatra – बीरबल की स्वर्ग यात्रा

This is the story of Akbar and Birbal. Ever since Birbal got a place in King Akbar's ministerial group, King Akbar had started listening to Birbal's words more and did not pay much attention to the rest of the ministers.

The rest of King Akbar's ministers started hating Birbal on this matter. Everyone was trying on his own behalf to increase his place in the mind of King Akbar. But it was not possible till Birbal was there.

One day, all other ministers come together to move Birbal from the ministerial berth. The main architect of his plan was a barber who used to shave King Akbar.

The barber was a poor man and was not going to be a part of this trick against Birbal, but the ministers prepared him by luring gold coins.

The next day the barber shaved King Akbar and said to King Akbar, "O king, you are great and like you your father was also a great king. He came in my dream yesterday and said that all is well in heaven, I am living here comfortably and don't worry about me "

King Akbar is sad to hear this. Because his father died when Akbar was younger and King Akbar loved his father more.

He says to the barber, "And what did my father say?" Explain in full "

The barber says, "Your father is happy in heaven, but now he does not feel like there, he said that Birbal who is in your court, who decides very cleverly, send them to me. Keep on praising the humor "

The next day King Akbar says to Birbal "Birbal, my father is not happy in heaven. You have to go to them and entertain them. He is more convinced of your decision-making ability and cleverness. I am in great pain to send you to heaven from here, but now my father needs you more than me ”

Birbal was shocked to hear this. He felt that someone had filled the ears of King Akbar. Birbal asks the king for some time.

After some time Birbal understands the whole story. The rest of the ministers together with the barber had made a successful plan to remove him from the road.

Birbal goes to King Akbar and says, "O king, you are great, I agree with you and I am ready to go to heaven." But I wish that I should be buried alive in the grave. I have arranged the tomb for myself "

All ministers are happy after listening to Birbal. He is buried alive in the tomb made by Birbal for his wish.

After being buried alive in the tomb, Birbal secretly hides in his house. Birbal had built such a grave in which a tunnel was already built under it and a tunnel used to go to Birbal's house.

After staying at home for 3 weeks, Birbal again reaches the palace of King Akbar. Everyone is shocked to see Birbal in the palace. Akbar becomes very happy upon seeing Birbal. He says to Birbal "When did you come from heaven ?, How is my father?" And how are you looking so ugly, how did your strength and beard grow so much?

Birbal speaks to King Akbar, "O king, your father is very happy in heaven and I served him a lot." But due to not being a barber in heaven, his hair also grew like me. They have told you to send a barber to heaven immediately. They too look ugly like me "

King Akbar is very sad to hear this and thinks that the father must have suffered due to not being a barber in heaven. He immediately orders that the barber  be ordered to go to heaven.

The barber is very scared after listening to King Akbar. He falls for King Akbar and apologizes and tells King Akbar about the tricks made by the ministers.

King Akbar, who was involved in this scheme, evicts all the ministers from the state and tells the barber to punish him with ten whips.

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