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fairy tales story - Angel curse

fairy tales story - Angel curse

fairy tales story - Angel curse, Pari ka Shap - परी का शाप

This is the story of Nalanda state. The king-queen of Nalanda state had no child. That is why he was always unhappy.

One day the king was worshiping the sun god to get children. At the same time, a bright ray falls from the sky on the stone lying near the lake.

The stone immediately turns into a frog. The stone frog blesses the king, that within 1 year your queen will give birth to a beautiful daughter.

The truth of the frog is true and a beautiful little daughter is born to the king and queen. She was very beautiful looking and had a light glow on her face.

The king-queen named her Aishwarya. After the birth of Aishwarya, a big meal was organized in the palace. The king and queen invited all the subjects of Nalanda state.

Nalanda used to have 13 fairies in the forest near the state. The king-queen specifically invited them all, but only 12 fairies were invited from the king-queen. He forgot to invite 1 angel.

The food served at the palace was celebrated with great pomp and show. All the people blessed Aishwarya. The fairies also gave magical power and precious gifts to Aishwarya one by one.

11 fairies blessed. Now it was the turn of the twelfth angel. The angel who had forgotten to invite the twelfth angel gives blessings, that angel comes and curses Aishwarya. The thirteenth angel says, "At the age of 16, Aishwarya's finger will pierce her life" by cursing so much she leaves from there.

The king and queen start crying after hearing the curse of the angel. Both started pleading with all the fairies to get our daughter free from this curse.

But the fairies said that the curse given cannot be completely eradicated. Hearing this, the king-queen became more sad. Twelfth appears in this. He was yet to be blessed. She tells the king, "I cannot take back the curse given by the thirteenth angel, but with my blessings, I can certainly reduce it."

Having said this, the twelfth angel blesses that Aishwarya will not die by piercing the needle at the age of 16, but will sleep deeply for 100 years.

The king and queen thanked the twelfth angel, but both were still depressed. The king says to the angel, "I wish I could marry my daughter to a beautiful and capable king, but it will not be possible that she will not be alive when she wakes up from sleep"

Hearing the king's words, the twelfth angel says, "When Aishwarya falls asleep, only all the animals, birds and all the people including the king and queen will sleep in a deep sleep, when a true loving prince kisses the hand of Aishwarya, then Aishwarya will wake up from sleep and you will Everyone also "

Saying this, the whole process goes away from there.

The king and queen got some relief after hearing the twelfth angel, but they were still worried about Aishwarya's future. He got all the needles and charkhas of the state destroyed by the soldiers so that Aishwarya's life could be saved.

Aishwarya started to grow up now. Aishwarya started looking more beautiful with the blessings of fairies and she was also intelligent and kind.

Aishwarya's sixteenth birthday has come. On the same day, the palace was decorated with flowers. A large meal meal was organized. There was no untoward till evening. At the same time a letter from Rani's father comes that his health is very bad.

The king and queen instruct their trusted maids to take care of Aishwarya and go to see them in the kingdom of the father of the queen.

Maid keeps Aishwarya in front of her eyes all the time. But after paying attention to the maid, Aishwarya comes to the palace garden. She is very impressed to see a golden butterfly sitting on the flowers seen in the garden. And she starts running after him to catch the butterfly.

The butterfly kept flying and Aishwarya was running after her. The butterfly flies flying in an old tower. Aishwarya also goes to the tower.

A staircase was made to go to the upper part of the tower. To catch the butterfly, Aishwarya comes up the stairs to the top of the tower. There, he sees an old woman driving a spinning wheel in a room.

Aishwarya had never seen a charkha. That is why she goes to the room to see the spinning wheel and tells the old woman "What is this? What were you doing with this? "

The old woman informs him about the spinning wheel and tells him to drive the spinning wheel. Aishwarya is excited to see the charkha and sits down running the spinning wheel.

While driving the spinning wheel, a sharp needle enters Aishwarya's finger and she immediately falls asleep in deep sleep. The old woman starts laughing loudly. The old woman was the thirteenth evil angel.

Everyone starts searching for Aishwarya in the palace. The maid gets rid of sweat. He is afraid of what the king and queen will do now.

After the arrival of the king and queen, they get the news of Aishwarya's disappearance. They also come under great tension. Then the soldiers say that Princess Aishwarya is sleeping in the room above the tower.

The king-queen brings Aishwarya immediately to the palace. Everybody goes to sleep as soon as Aishwarya is brought to the palace. All birds and animals also sleep in deep sleep.

This incident of Nalanda state and the story of Aishwarya being alive spreads to all other states. Hearing this story, the princes of other states try to come to Nalanda state to see Aishwarya, but the palace of the king and queen is completely lost in the thick of the bushes. These bushes are so dense that no one can say from a distance that there is a palace inside.

Some princes tried to enter Nalanda state but lost their lives in thick clashes. In this way the Nalanda state became like a cursed state.

Prince Harry of Neymar state was shocked when he heard the story of Nalanda and Princess Aishwarya. He fell in love with Princess Aishwarya in his mind and thought that he should try to get the princess and Nalanda kingdom free from this curse.

Prince Harry reveals his motive to his parents. They get nervous hearing this Harry's purpose, because the prince who tried to enter the Nalanda kingdom was not known later.

They refuse Harry to go to Nalanda state and explain to him. But the prince assures them that I will return safely.

The next day, Prince Harry begins his journey to the Nalanda kingdom. When he reaches close to that state, he does not know at first where the palace is. There is thick bush everywhere.

The prince takes a deep prayer in the heart and prays to the Lord. Prince Harry was very fearless. He kept facing every kind of crisis to come. After breaking the thick clumps, he started seeing the palace. He first made a way towards the arrival of the palace.

As soon as he came to the palace, he was surprised to see everything sleeping in deep sleep. He had never seen such a scene before. All the people, animals and birds and soldiers were all sleeping deeply.

While looking at every room of the palace, she finally slept with Princess Aishwarya and went to that room. On seeing Princess Aishwarya, she became obsessed with her beauty. Princess Aishwarya was more beautiful than the image of Princess Aishwarya she had created in her mind.

He takes princess Aishwarya's hand in his hand and kisses her. Princess Aishwarya wakes up from deep sleep as soon as she kisses the princess. With the blessing given by the twelfth angel, she gets rid of the curse in 100 years.

As soon as Princess Aishwarya wakes from sleep, all animals, birds and animals and king and queen, subjects wake up from deep sleep.

The King-Queen greets Prince Harry wholeheartedly. And marries Princess Aishwarya to Prince Harry.

Princess Aishwarya and Prince Harry both live happily and within 3 years, Princess Aishwarya gives birth to a daughter and son.

In this way, Princess Aishwarya is freed from the curse of the thirteenth evil angel due to the blessings given to the twelfth angel.

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