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Best Moral Story - Brainless donkey and Jackal

Brainless donkey and Jackal

Brainless donkey and Jackal, bewkoof gadha aur jackal / बेवकूफ गधा और जॅकल

There was a laundress in a village. The laundress had a donkey. The laundress would make the donkey work all day long but would not feed him in return. Why the laundress was very stingy.

The laundress would leave the donkey open to eat at night after getting the donkey reduced all day. But the donkey could not eat anything around.

The donkey became very weak. One night the donkey meets Jackal. Seeing the condition of the donkey, Jackal asks the donkey, "Brother, how did you become so weak?"

Listening to Jackal, the donkey says, "Brother, my boss makes me work all day, but doesn't give me anything to eat."

Listening to the donkey, Jakal understood everything. He says to the donkey, "Brother, don't worry, there is a big farm nearby, which has a lot of green vegetables. I will take you there, we will both eat all night and come back before dawn, I have made a hidden way to go to the farm. "

Donkey goes with Jackal. That night, the donkey ate full food for the first time. Jackal and donkey come out of the field after dinner, before dawn. Jackal goes into the forest and the donkey comes back to his master's house.

Every night after eating green vegetables, the donkey's body started filling up. The donkey now started to look very strong. He had forgotten his old earthquake day.

One day, after eating too much, the donkey started swinging. He started flapping his ears. Seeing the condition of the donkey, Jackal says to the donkey, "My brother, what are you doing?" Is your health right? "

The donkey said, "Today after eating too much my heart is singing something"

Jackal says, "My brother, don't do this, don't forget that we have come here to eat stealingly, if you have sung anything, a lot of trouble will come, the farm watchman can come here immediately"

After listening to Jackal, the donkey feels bad and he says, "What do you know about my song, my voice is so beautiful that if I sing, then what is the watchman of the farm, the owner of the farm also put a necklace of flowers around my neck Will come for you, you are wild, so you do not appreciate my song "

Jackal begs the donkey with folded hands not to sing. Jackal says "My brother, I am wild, I don't know anything about the song but still you follow my advice"

But donkey is not ready to accept.

Jackal now starts to understand and he cleverly speaks to the donkey, "My brother, sing well, but after I leave here, I go to get a flower necklace for you, when I come, I will put a necklace on your neck"

The donkey is very happy to hear this and says "Go fast and bring me a flower necklace"

Jackal runs away into the forest and the donkey starts crawling proudly. Hearing the sound of donkey crawling, the janitor of the farm wakes up and starts running towards the sound.

Seeing the donkey, the watchman says to the other watchman, "Well this is the donkey who sneaks into our field at night and starts eating vegetables, today we will not leave it"

The watchman starts beating the donkey very badly with wooden poles. The donkey falls half-way from his hitting.

Meaning: - The consequences of not following the good advice of your friends and well wishers is always bad.

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