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Moral Story For Kids-Witch mother pain

Witch mother pain

Witch mother pain / चुड़ैल माँ का दर्द

One day Ram was coming home with his wife Nandita and son at night. In front, some goons were pouring oil on the road so that someone with a motorcycle collapsed. After pouring oil, they hid behind a tree.

At that time, Ram slips on his motorcycle as oil falls on the road. Rama suffered a head injury in the accident and died on the spot. But his son and Nandita do not get hurt much.

At that time, the goons hiding behind the tree came on the road and caught Rama. He is very angry because he gets only 500 rupees in Ram's pocket and he turns his attention to Nandita and her son. But since they have no money, they snatch Rama's son from Nandita and run away. They want to sell the child in the city.

When the goons run away with the child, seeing this, Nandita jumps into the valley and dies.

A few years later, Raju and his wife Reema were on the road to the hospital at night when the front tire of Raju's car was punctured at the spot where Ram's accident took place. Rima is pregnant.

As Reema begins to suffer more, they both decide to go to the hospital by road. On the way, he meets Nandita's ghost. Nandita wanders that road in search of her son. Seeing Raju and Reema, Nandita's ghost asks about her son, but Raju and Reema do not know anything, so they say that they do not know her son.

Nandita is annoyed by his answer, but she sees that Reema is pregnant. And with her magic power, the child born in Reema's womb is taken out and flown into the air. Upon seeing this, Reema fainted. Raju picks him up on the shoulder and hurries to the hospital.

When Reema wakes up, she insists on bringing her son to Raju. After 2-3 days, Raju and Reema conveyed this information to the villagers of the neighboring village and requested them for help. For this, they show willingness to pay the required amount. While the goons hear this information and in their lust for more money, they bring Nandita's son from where they sold her.

After doing all this, he meets Raju and Reema and informs them about their new plan. Their new plan is that Reema and Raju go to that road at night with Nandita's child and give this child to Nandita's ghost and bring their child in return. Raju and Reema are happy to hear this and pay more money to the goons.

The same night, Reema and Raju take the boy to the road and call Nandita. When Nandita's ghost comes in front of them, Reema tells her that this boy is yours and give my son back in return. Seeing Nandita's strange face, the boy accompanying her is frightened and hides behind Reema.

Nandita is very sad to see this and due to her strange face as well as being a ghost she realizes the truth and she brings back Reema's son and begs Raju and Reema for her son that she be his child. Follow.

Seeing Nandita's grief, Reema promises her that she will never take away her child and will love her son like her child. Nandita is overjoyed to hear this and, after saying goodbye to Reema and Raju, gets lost in the air.

Now Reema and Raju live happily with their two children.

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