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Moral Story For Kids-Tiger and clever rabbit

Tiger and clever rabbit

Tiger and clever rabbit / बाघ और चतुर खरगोश

It is the story of a tiger that kills three to four animals every day in a forest. All the animals were terrified because of the tiger killing so many animals every day.

One day all the animals came together and expressed concern about tiger hunting. All the animals agreed to go to the tiger and beg.

All the animals went to the tiger. When all the animals came to him, the tiger got a little scared and from afar, he broke his fear and roared and said to the animals, "Why have you all come here?"

On hearing this the fox came forward and said, "Tiger king, you are our king and we are your people, if you kill 3-4 animals every day and some of them don't even eat animals."

The fox said, "If you keep killing so many animals every day, then all the animals in this forest will perish.

At this, the tiger said to all the animals, "I am very hungry and I have to kill you for food every day."

When all the animals heard this, they panicked and said to the tiger, "King, instead of going hunting every day, we will send an animal to you every day."

Hearing this, the tiger felt a bit relieved as he was going to get free food every day, he did not have to go anywhere and work hard.

The tiger said, "Well, but if an animal does not come here every day, I will kill you all."

All the animals are gone and now every day an animal starts going to the tiger for its food. Everyone was sad to see every animal going to the tiger.

Now it was the rabbit's turn to go to the tiger. The rabbit began to panic and think. The rabbit was very clever. After much thinking, he got a tip list.

He slowly started walking towards the tiger. He deliberately made time to go to the tiger. Here the tiger was disturbed by hunger. When he saw the rabbit coming, he got very angry and he said to the rabbit, "Hey rabbit, you are so young and you took a long time to come, eating you will not make me hungry." "Now I will kill all the animals in the forest."

Hearing this, the rabbit came forward and said, "King, don't be angry. All the animals sent 6 rabbits for your food, but on the way a tiger killed 5 rabbits and ate them."

The tiger said to the rabbit, "Who is this tiger, and how can he dare to come into my world and eat my food?"

At this the rabbit said, "O king, I explained a lot to him that we are going for our king's food. Do not eat us, but he has eaten all the rabbits and sent me to you and sent a message. "

He said, "Who is your king?" I am not afraid of your king and tell your king that fight with me, whoever wins will be the king of this forest. "

Hearing this, the tiger gets very angry and says to the rabbit, "Where is the tiger? Today I will kill him and satisfy my hunger."

At this, the rabbit takes the tiger to a large well and says to the tiger, "O king, that tiger stopped us here and forced you to come here."

The tiger looks around but no one sees it. Then he looks into the well and sees his reflection. Seeing this, the tiger feels that he is the second tiger. The tiger roars.

All the animals in the forest are frightened by the sound of his roar. The tiger thinks that the tiger in the well has also roared and he jumped into the well to fight.

As the tiger jumps into the well, the tiger's head hits the wall as it falls into the well and he dies in the water.

Seeing all this, the rabbit goes back to the animal and tells the whole story. All the animals congratulate the rabbit for his cleverness.

Meaning: Never be afraid of the crisis that has come, we can overcome any major crisis with our simplicity.

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