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Moral Story For Kids-Story of two lazy brothers

story of two lazy brothers

Story of two lazy brothers / दो आलसी भाइयों की कहानी

This is the story of two lazy brothers like Ram and Sham, if anyone used to tell them work, they never used to do it. He used to pretend to sleep to avoid work. His mother used to be very unhappy with this behavior.

One day both brothers were sitting under the mango tree. Suddenly the mango from above fell between them. But he had become so lazy that neither of the two brothers got up to take mangoes.

Both of them were looking only at the mangoes. When a man was going through the same path, Ram asked the man for an assistance. Ram asked the man to give the fallen mango in his hand. The man felt a bit strange and told Ram that mango is lying with you.

Sham told the man that we have been lazy to take mango, then you give us that mango in our hands. Hearing this, the man seeing their lazy behavior left them without giving them a mango.

Seeing the behavior of Ram and Sham, the man went to his mother and started complaining about her, but the mother apologized for the lazy nature of her two sons. Ram and his mother were very worried about the future of the evening.

Hearing this, the man understood everything and said to his mother that Ram and send it to my house tomorrow morning in the evening. The next day Ram and evening go to the man's house. Seeing both brothers, the man tells them that I have a job for you.

You do not like much hard work, so you keep guarding my house and keep in mind that there is very valuable stuff in my house, so you guard it well. Because of getting more money, Ram and Sham agree to do the job.

But according to their nature, both of them fall asleep while guarding. And at the same time the house is stolen. When they get up, they come to know about the theft. The man gets very angry on seeing this and talks about putting both of them in jail due to this mistake.

Fearing to go to jail, Ram and Sham touch the man's feet and start mourning and apologize. He promises the man that he will never be lazy from now on. Will do all the work with hard work and dedication. Hearing this, the man forgives them.

Meaning: - Never be lazy. Due to laziness, crisis can come at any time in life.

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