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Moral Story For Kids-Story of tortoise and rabbit

Story of tortoise and rabbit

Story of tortoise and rabbit / कहानी कछुआ और खरगोश की

A tortoise and a rabbit lived in a forest. In it, the rabbit used to brag in front of the tortoise. The rabbit was very proud of his agility.

One day she told tortoise that there is no one agile and running in this forest like me, all is Shudra in front of me.

The tortoise was saddened to hear this and said to the rabbit, "Brother Rabbit, if you are so agile, we will put on a paw, race up to that mountain. If you win, I will reward you, and if I win, you will reward me."

The rabbit laughed and said to the tortoise, "Oh, tortoise, you can't walk well, and you race with me. OK, keep my prize ready."

After saying this, the two started the race. The rabbit ran away and the tortoise continued to walk slowly.

Going forward, the rabbit looked back and saw that the turtle was far away and the rabbit was very close to the mountain.

But the rabbit was very tired from running so fast and was sitting under a tree on the way. Seeing that the turtle was far away, the rabbit thought that the turtle was far away and until then I would relax a bit.

Exhausted, the rabbit fell asleep under the tree. The turtle slowly came up to the rabbit and smiled at seeing the rabbit in a deep sleep and kept moving forward.

Here the rabbit wakes up from a deep sleep and starts running, while the tortoise has already gone to the hill and won the race.

Meaning :-Never be proud, because the house of pride is always down.

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