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Fairy Tales-Story of cinderella and prince

Story of cinderella and prince

Story of cinderella and prince / सिंडरेला और राजकुमार की कहानी

There was a beautiful city named Disne. There used to be a businessman in that city. The businessman had a beautiful little daughter, his name was Ella. Ella was a very good and loving child.

Her father used to fulfill all the needs of Ella. Even after all the requirements were fulfilled, there was going to be a deficiency in Ella's life and that lack was her late mother.

Ella was very young when her mother left her, but Ella's father never let her miss her mother.

In order to fill Ella's mother's shortage, her father got married second. Ella's second mother had two daughters. After the second marriage Ella was very happy because she had got two sisters and mother.

Ella's two sisters were more arrogant and she never loved Ella. But Ella loved her sister and mother very much.

Ella's father goes to another city for important work, but even after many days, he does not return home. After this, Ella started harassing her mother and sister.

Ella's mother took the entire house in her possession and made Ella the housemaid. Her mother and sister used to tell Ella too much work. Her stepmother used to kill Ella for not working early.

Ella was made a place in the kitchen of the house to live. Ella now used to live in the kitchen. Ella used to get very tired throughout the day, sometimes she could not even get enough food.

When Ella got up in the morning in the kitchen, there was ashes on her whole body. Seeing this, his sister used to tease him by calling him Cinder-Ella. And for this reason her name became Cinderella.

One day a big wedding of Prince's wedding is organized in the state of Disne and all the girls of the state are told that all the girls will take part in this event. Rajkumar will marry the girl who looks good to all the girls.

After this announcement, all the girls of the state are very excited. Ella's two sisters also dream of marrying the prince. Cinderella was also very happy to try her luck.

On the day of the event, Cinderella's sister dressed in new clothes and agreed to go to the palace. But Cinderella's mother refused Cinderella to go to the palace.

Cinderella again started doing household chores with sad heart. While working Cinderella, what would her sister do, what would the prince look like, such questions started coming to mind.

As soon as these thoughts came to mind, Cinderella became more sad and water drops started coming out of her eyes. Cinderella was crying when an angel appeared in front of Cinderella and asked Cinderella to cry.

Cinderella told all her objections to the angel. The angel understood everything and started saying to Cinderella, "Oh dear Cinderella, don't be sad, I will help you"

The fairy turned her magic wand and changed Cinderella's old clothes into a new beautiful dress. His torn sandal turned into a beautiful glass shoe. While leaving, the angel reminded that all this magic will remain till 12 in the night. Before that you have to come to your house.

Cinderella agreed to hear this and the angel made her disappear by magic and revealed it outside the palace.

As soon as Cinderella came to the palace, everyone started seeing her because Cinderella was looking very beautiful in the dress that Cinderella was wearing. All the girls who came to the palace got jealous seeing Cinderella.

But none of the girls even recognized Cinderella. The prince was very impressed to see Cinderella and decided to make Cinderella a princess in his mind. Here Cinderella was also very happy and she also started loving the prince.

She did not remember Cinderella saying that she was immersed in love and she stayed in the palace till 12 o'clock at night. Suddenly Cinderella remembered the angel and she quickly ran away from the palace. While running, Cinderella's glass shoes lay on the same ground.

After he left, Rajkumar tried to find Cinderella a lot but never found her. He only had Cinderella's shoes. Rajkumar announced and if his soldier sits well at the feet of any girl of the state, he will marry the same girl.

After this announcement, the soldiers went to every house to see whether the shoe fit in the leg of the girl or not. But they were not getting that shoe match with any girl's leg.

The last house was now left to Cinderella. If the shoe did not fit on both legs of Cinderella's sisters, the soldier asked Cinderella to wear that shoe, she fit the glass shoe Cinderella very well.

Cinderella's both sisters and mother were surprised to see this. After Cinderella was taken to the palace, when the prince proposed to marry Cinderella, Cinderella too happily agreed to marry. Cinderella had found the prince of her dreams.

Cinderella and Rajkumar were very happy and both also loved each other a lot. Cinderella's mother and sisters were punished for mistreating Cinderella. He was asked to leave the state.

Now Cinderella was the princess of that Disne kingdom.

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