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Best moral story - bad habit

moral story - bad habit

moral story - bad habit / नैतिक कहानी - बुरी आदत

This story is about a boy whose name is John. John was very skilled in studies, but he had a habit of making mistakes with studies.

He always used to fight with other boys in school. Often, his faults started increasing more and more. Her complaints started coming home from school every day.

John's parents were deeply saddened by this behavior. He explained a lot to John but John was not taking the name of improvement.

One day a sage came to John's village. All the villagers started going to meet him and listen to his discourse. John's parents also started listening to him. One day, John's father told all about John to that sage. The saintly men laughed a little and asked John to come to him tomorrow.

The next day John and his parents went to meet Saintly. Saintly called John to him and asked him to walk a little distance.

While walking with John, Saintly asked John to uproot a small tree. As the tree was small, John immediately uprooted it.

After that, walking forward and a tree came. Saintly also asked John to uproot it, John had to work harder this time to uproot this tree, because this tree was a bit bigger.

Then after walking further, a tree came. Saintly asked John to uproot this tree too, even after trying hard, John did not move the tree even a little from his place. John was very tired.

After this, Saintly told John that because of being small you could not uproot this big tree, in the same way, if you grow up doing wrong then you will never be able to leave your mistakes.

John understood everything about the saintly man and he took an oath not to make any mistake in the future.

Meaning: - If we do not leave our mistakes quickly, then those mistakes become our habit.

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