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Fairy tales - The thread of life

fairy tales -  The thread of life

fairy tales -  The thread of life / pariyon ki kahani  - jivan ki dor

This is John's story John was studying in class 7. John was always thinking ahead.

When he was in class, he used to think about playing and when he was on the field to play, he used to think about walking.

Similarly, John was never able to enjoy his present time.

One day John goes for a walk in the Forest alone. Due to being very tired while walking in the forest, he falls asleep on soft grass below.

After some time, "John..John" sounds like this.

John sees with open eyes, then there is a beautiful angel in front of him. In one hand there is a magic wand and in the other hand there is a ball which is hanging at the bottom.

John is very happy to see the angel. John tells the angel, "I know the magic wand in your hand, but what is the ball and it's hanging on it, what is it?"

The angel smiles and says to John, "This is not a minor frown, it's a crush on your life" "If you touch it lightly, a few seconds of your life will pass, a little more, then the whole day will pass in a few minutes." Will go, but if you drag it with full force, some years will pass in many days. "

John tells the angel "can you give me this ball"

The angel smilingly gives John the ball and tells an important point that if you pull the rope and go to the future, you will never be able to come back.

Saying this, the angel disappears.

The next day John sits in school and gets bored, when he misses the ball. He removes the ball lightly from the bag and pulls the fork lightly.

In the very next second John is playing in the field. After playing for some time in the field, he becomes bored again and thinks that it is no fun to live in the present time. Why not enjoy your life in your youth.

John then pulls Dor slightly, so he becomes a married man in the next moment. He has two children. John's parents now grow old.

John is upset to see the old age of his parents, but he likes to see his young children.

John gets bored again after 2-3 months. He is unable to enjoy his present time. He thinks, 'How much family responsibility has come on my shoulders, even the parents are not well. It is not so easy to take care of the children and the tension of office work from above, it will retire well and can live its life comfortably '

Thinking that he pulls the ball with full force. Now he becomes an old man of 75 years. His parents die before then. His wife dies leaving him due to illness. Children live in another city and after few days they keep talking to him. He is alone at home.

John is very sorry to see this. He never enjoyed his life. Never played with my children. He could not even enjoy the childhood of his children, never went for a walk with his wife. Never spend your good moments with parents.

John realizes his mistake by looking at his life. In yesterday's affair, he forgets to enjoy today's life. Due to his restlessness and distraction, he loses little happiness in his life.

John's eyes are named. He goes to the forest again and starts crying when the angel gave him the ball.

That's when the "John .... John" voice comes again.

When John looks back, he sees an angel. The angel says to John, "John, how did you feel about my gift, did you enjoy it?"

"At first I liked him but later I started to hate him" John said in anger "My whole life was gone in front of me but I could not enjoy it, I would spend my life in a normal way, then I would be happy with it Had fun, but due to the magical ball I could never enjoy the beautiful moment of my life "

The angel says to John, "You are doing evil to my gift instead of thanking me" "Well I can give you one more gift"

Hearing this, John, looking at the fairy eyed, says, "Will I really get another gift, then return my life from the same boy I was in the school before" "How to enjoy life well It is understood, I will never forget to enjoy today's life in the affair of tomorrow "

"Please please, you return my life again" John starts pleading in front of the angel.

Then a voice comes, "John, get up, why have you slept in this forest and what are you mumbling about"

When John opens his eyes, he becomes very happy to see his mother further and immediately embraces the mother.

He thanks the angel in his mind and takes an oath 'I will never waste my time thinking about tomorrow from now on.'

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