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Moral Story For Kids-Story of three fish

Story of three fish

Story-of-three-fish / तीन-मछलियों-की-कहानी

This story is about three fish, whose names were Reena, Tina, Dina. There was a reservoir near these three fisheries river. The nature of the three was different.

Reena's nature was to postpone that comp before the arrival.

Tina's nature was to try to avoid him only when the crisis came.

Dina's nature was different, she thought it was stupid to try to avoid her before the crisis or after the crisis. Whatever will be in luck will remain through.

One day, fishermen come to catch fish in the river. But very few fish get trapped in their net, they get annoyed.

He never went to catch the fish there was a reservoir near the river. But today, due to short availability of fish, they consider going to the reservoir.

The reservoir was quite far away and the way to go there passed through the throats across the river, so the fishermen never went there.

When fishermen go to the banks of the reservoir, they are very happy to see so many fish.

One of the fisherman says, "How many fish are there, right now, throw the net and catch it"

The second fisherman says, "Not now, it is too late, tomorrow we will catch all the fish in the net," and they leave.

Reena, Tina and Dina listen to the fishermen. Reena speaks to both of them according to her nature "Move quickly here, because these fishermen will catch us tomorrow"

Reena's suggestion Tina doesn't feel right. Tina says, "Now those fishermen come new too and we run away from this reservoir, they don't know whether they will come or not, maybe their house gets washed away due to rain at night or their house gets set on fire at night , They may get some other food while leaving here "" So their arrival is not sure yet, and if they come, I might not be trapped in their web "

Dina says "If the fisherman has to come, he will come, if we run anywhere, if we want to get caught in his net, then we will definitely get caught, if we want to die in luck, then we will die"

Hearing this, Reena leaves the reservoir at the same time and goes away into the river. Tina and Dina live in the same reservoir.

On the second day the fishermen come to the reservoir with their nets. And they throw their net in the reservoir. Many fish get trapped in the net.

Seeing this, Tina starts to panic. Then he remembers that there is a ghost lying inside the reservoir and it starts to rot. Tina hides inside the ghost to save her life.

But finally she gets trapped in the web. Tina pretends to die after being trapped in a trap. When the fishermen take out all the fish, they get a bad smell from the body of Tina.

Fishermen throw Tina dead fish into the reservoir again for many days. After being thrown into the reservoir, Tina immediately hides in the deep water of the reservoir.

Tina saves her life by putting her mind at the right time.

Dina is also trapped in another fisherman's net. Dina, who believes in luck, gives her life in the same trap.

Meaning: - Luck also supports those who do their work using their intelligence. Those who believe only in luck are never successful in life.